Conerostyle centers, headquarters of Portonovo and Marcelli Numana

Who we are


The Conerostyle School was founded in 2008 by a passion for sport, the sea and nature. Conerostyle is not just a school, it is a community of people that loves our places and shares a passion for sport. We are friends of all ages who find themselves on the beach, at the bar or at Monte Conero to share emotions.


Every year there are more and more enthusiasts who let themselves be infected by our world; people who have had a good time with us and who are now friends, every year they come back to visit us end enjoy our life.

The school was born mainly thanks to windsurfing, a sport that is handed down from year to year by the veterans to the smallest fans. The Riviera del Conero area is an ideal place for practicing this sport thanks to the strong thermal winds and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes that you can admire from our beautiful sea

Conerostyle is a lifestyle.

Conerostyle Portonovo


The headquarters of Portonovo is the headquarters of the Conerostyle; Operational since 2008 and definitely built in the 2015 season, the school is now a fixed point for surfers of the Conero Riviera, because right here in Portonovo are the best conditions to do the windsurfing, surfing and sup.

The school is adjacent to the bathhouse of “La Capannina” at the foot of Monte Conero, surrounded by the green of the Conero Park and the sea of the Bay of Portonovo with all the beaches of the “Blue Flag” area for the great quality and cleanliness of the sea.

Conerostyle Sirolo


In the summer season 2020 with the support of the bathing establishment by Marco, the Sirolo headquarters are inaugurated, on the beach of San Michele, in the heart of the Conero regional park.
This location allows us to make the most of the winds from NW, N and NE, for our windsurfing courses, with conditions very similar to the school of Portonovo, with flat water and light to moderate winds. Its proximity to the famous Due Sorelle beach makes it an ideal starting point for a walk by renting a canoe and / or sup.
In addition, also here you can request information and / or book an excursion on foot or by bike along the green paths of the Conero.

Conerostyle Numana Blu, at Marcelli di Numana


(season 2020: temporarily closed, call us for more info or read the press release on section “coneroblog” in the italian version of the website)


The second school is located in Marcelli, a city just a few minutes from Numana, and is operational since the 2017 season at the beach “Numana Blu” near the campsite. Marcelli is a town that runs along the Conero sea on which the “Blue Flag” waves, completely flat with a wide gravel beach, sea with a high sea bottom and winds from the northern side, ideal for windsurfing. At this location with our staff and qualified instructors, most Conerostyle activities are possible from courses to equipment rental with the exception of windsurfing and sup storage, and kayak rental and storage for which, if interested, we refer you to the nearby third seat Conerostyle Sottovento. Here, the activity of morning Windsurfing courses, from Monday to Friday is reserved for the customers of Camping Numana Blu, while for all those who do not reside in the Camping, they will be able to take courses in the afternoon or in the whole days of the weekend; If you are interested in midweek morning courses, you can contact our third Conerostyle Sottovento branch always in Marcelli di Numana. Moreover, as in all our locations, it will be possible to get information and book Trekking excursions on the Monte Conero and Mountain Bike and E-Bike guided tour on the Monte Conero.

Conerostyle Sottovento, at Marcelli di Numana


(season 2020: temporarily closed, call us for more info or read the press release on section “coneroblog” in the italian version of the website)


The third site is also located in Marcelli di Numana, and has been operational since the 2019 season at the seaside resort “Sottovento Beach Club” right next to the Bocasalina Restaurant and opposite the Dama Blu Resort. At this brand new headquarters of Marcelli with our staff and VDWS qualified instructors, present in all our locations, you can take advantage of all Conerostyle activities such as rental and storage of sports equipment dedicated to windsurfing, surfing, kayaking and sup, in addition to being able to request information and book excursions on the Tre Conero Monte Conero or with the Mountain Bike and E-Bike. At this location you can therefore find out about and attend courses in all the sports offered, which are held every day of the week – Monday and Tuesday mornings windsurfing courses are reserved for DamaBlu Resort and Camping Medusa clients.