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Have you passed the level, or are you just starting a new discipline and even if you are ready to become familiar with your material would you like to contain the initial investment? Conerostyle has always been a “family” and offers its members the ConeroMarket!

In this section you will find the material of our members who for each type of need must change their equipment or find what is closest to their tastes and needs, promoting the passion shared by many allowing everyone to have the right material and making safer circulation of equipment and avoiding unsatisfactory purchases via the Internet.

For each article you will find a review written by us that we will take care to evaluate and describe the piece in question with every little detail, sign and features, helping you find a new home to the equipment or choose your new wave partner.

Browse the category for which you are looking for sports equipment by clicking on the section with the name of the activity you see below; if you do not see it, do not despair and contact us anyway with your request for sports material through the contact form or the e-mail you find on the CONTACTS page and also ask for the activities carried out by the school, from muscle to electric Mountain Bike type ( EMTB – XC – Trail bikes – Enduro, etc) from the SUP table to the Kayak to the instruments for the SURF and the WINDSURF, we will help you to enter the family!

The school material is reserved for members and is sold at cost price while for the rest of the material present there is a bulletin board that is made available to anyone who wants to use it and whose responsibility is declined.