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Just paddle a little to get away from the world and in a few minutes be literally in the middle of the sea, with only the sound of the water, caressing the surface and contemplating the landscape …. emotions that only the kayak can give you and that if you are on this page you know well or can’t wait to try it!

Not to consider the speed with which you can move from one beach to another or even reach unreachable coves of the Bay of Portonovo, or keep training while doing a long coast between Numana and Marcelli! Canoeing is an amazing way for which then you won’t even have to worry about where to put it thanks to our kayak storage services for both the summer season and the winter season!

So if you are evaluating your next sea kayak, whether you want a single-seater, a two-seater, here you can find our used kayak proposals with excellent speed, stability and maneuverability. and if you do not find what you are looking for write to us, with our technical partners we will be able to find the most suitable equipment for your needs!

The school material is reserved for members and is sold at cost price while for the rest of the material present there is a bulletin board that is made available to anyone who wants to use it and whose responsibility is declined.