Used equipment, Windsurf, kayak, bomi, poles, sails, boards, SUP, surf and more

You can’t wait to let yourself be carried away by the wind and slide on the water ….. it’s an indescribable emotion so if you’re here or you can’t wait to discover it, or you’re already practicing windsurfing and want to go a little more fast!

In this section you will find the equipment of those who have passed from level, verified by us, and our material, from the boards to the sails to the bomi and everything you need, used by us at the school we renew every year! If you do not find what you are looking for you can always contact us and thanks to our technical partners, from retailers to mother houses, we will be able to help you find your new windsurfing equipment making you save!

The school material is reserved for members and is sold at cost price while for the rest of the material present there is a bulletin board that is made available to anyone who wants to use it and whose responsibility is declined.