SUP Rental Courses and Storage in Portonovo, Marcelli, Conero Riviera

The new SUP discipline has now taken root all over the world. Its rapid growth was determined by some simple key factor: ease of learning and simplicity.

On the SUP you go on your feet, you can dive, you can lie down and sunbathe, you can do yoga and stretching, you can do acrobatics, etc. In short, it is famous because it can be used in a thousand ways, even to take small waves or as a means to go to the discovery of coves not easily accessible.
The beauty of our coasts of the Conero Riviera goes perfectly with the SUP because, wherever you go, you meet a wonderful nature. From the headquarters of Portonovo you can quickly reach the otherwise unattainable “Due Duevelle” beach or the “Mezzavalle” beach, and from the headquarters of Numana, you can enjoy an amazing sea view of the entire coastline.
In addition, the best times for the SUP are at sunrise or sunset when the sea is perfectly smooth and on the beaches remains the fantastic sound of our sea.

Conerostyle School gives you the opportunity to take advantage, in addition to a basic course, storage service if you are owners of SUP boards and do not want to think about transport, or rent boards SUP so you can have fun with this wonderful tool to reach the most pristine beaches and enjoy the natural spectacle of the Conero Riviera.

Find out in the section below the services that the Conerostyle school can offer you for SUP in the Conero Riviera at the Portonovo and Marcelli offices.


The main problem of the SUP is its size that prevents it from being transported unless you have a car with a parcel or a van. But do not despair, the Conerostyle School are available numerous SUP that you can also rent with all your friends for a ride in the company. Our SUP Rental is at your disposal!

The Conerostyle School has the best materials available on the market for rental.

The activity of renting boards from SUP is currently available at the offices of: Portonovo and Marcelli.

1 h
€ 10,00
1/2 day (4 h)
€ 30,00
1 day
€ 50,00
10 h
€ 80,00
20 h
€ 150,00

Consult the section dedicated to the material dedicated to the rental and the courses you can find at the Conerostyle offices; we offer new equipment every year from the best brands in the industry.

Conerostyle offers the possibility to rent a place in our racks designed specifically to place your SUP comfortably.

The storage activity for SUP boards is currently available at the headquarters of: Portonovo.

Summer season (May-October, duration 6 months)
Outdoor summer season (May-October, duration 6 months)
Winter seasonal pass (November-April, duration 6 months)
€ 150,00
€ 10,00
Monthly (price per month)
€ 100,00
€ 350,00
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