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Who has never dreamed of a slide on the waves, some acrobatics or a passage in the middle of a tunnel of water stroking it with your hand?

Thanks to Surf, we make adrenaline difficult to describe on water and veins but if you are on this page you are probably approaching this sport or you are looking for your new surfboard!
With our Coneromarket we help you find the most suitable board not only on the basis of your height and weight, but also on the basis of the style and size of the wave you want to surf.

In our circuit of used surf equipment you can find both gun boards for larger waves and the most suitable longboards to take the “wall” of the wave, for Funboards for those who want to start using smaller and faster boards while maintaining stability. , to the Hybrids ideal for days with medium-sized waves, to Fish or Shortboards for those who want to surf even very steep waves.

If you are looking for the new board to glide along the wave wall here you can find the one that’s right for you, or contact us, with our technical partners we will know how to find the most suitable equipment for your needs!

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